About Us

I am so glad you found us on the World Wide Web.  Let me share some information about The Flower & Art Project that you might want to know... or not.

We are an eclectic vintage flower shop located at 14805 West Center Road, in Omaha, Nebraska.  Besides being a full service floral shop for the metro area with a delivery service, we hold art classes and  sell merchandise created by local artists and artisans.  We  pride ourselves  in finding inventory that is made in the USA.

If you are in the area,  come in and check out what we put together with upcycled and recycled "treasures", from dumpsters, curbsides, back woods, old buildings  and thrift stores.

We are a small business that loves to support other small businesses.  Just to name a few:  Adagio (soaps and lotions), Comfort Candles, KICO (metal art), Leanin Tree and Go Girl (greeting cards), Prairie Star Botanicals (local herbalist),  Twig & Poppy (metalsmith jewelry), Old Town (chalk paint), Smith Garden (concrete statues and plaques), Sandhill Suds (soaps), The Cottage Porch (repurposed furniture), The Beautiful Souls Collection (handcrafted jewelry) and more.

So if you are interested in flowers, call the shop and let us know what you need.    Don't forget to check out our CLASSES and SHOP sections!